Adopt an Apple Tree

Do you need a gift for that someone who has everything? Do you want to memorialize someone special? Well then adopting an apple tree is just the thing for you!








By adopting an apple tree you’re not only receiving a gift that will last a lifetime should you choose to renew it annually, but you will be helping this local farm produce more of the fresh fruit all love. All the money from the adoption goes toward the upkeep of each individual tree, for example: pruning, fertilizing, watering, and picking the fruit.

Here’s how it works:

$100.00 Annual Adoption Fee

Tree adoption annual time frame is August through July (ie trees adopted July 2023 will be picking from their tree Fall 2023).

INCLUDES: UPKEEP OF TREE, 1/2 PECK OF APPLES (appx. 5 lbs.), ADOPTION CERTIFICATE (certificate states the person to whom the tree is dedicated, tree variety, tree number so you can locate tree, approximate date when tree will be ready for picking, and person who adopted tree.)

Adoption of a tree DOES NOT give any property rights. You may not hang anything in your tree or place anything on the orchard ground.  If you decide to visit your tree, please remember that we are a working farm – your visit must be scheduled in advance.

* Visitors are welcome with prior advance reservation. All visitors must check in at the store so that we can direct you to your specific tree. Your picking visit must be scheduled in advance – contact us by August 1 to to ensure your reservation time.  If you wait until September we cannot guarantee that there will be fruit on your tree for picking.  The adoption fee includes one 1/2 peck bag of apples and allows you to have 6 people.  If you wish to have more bags of apples, there will be a bag charge.  If you would like additional people, there is a $3 per person entrance fee.

* Fruit on all trees remains the property of YA YA Farm & Orchard, LLC unless it is purchased at the current U-Pick price.

* Please remember all the apple varieties ripen at different times in the season. So to be sure your tree is ready to be picked, please call us.